Alfredo Romero

His artworks have been exhibited in Europe, South America, Asia and USA, in Biennales, prominent galleries and international art fairs. Romero’s art works have been hand selected for some of the most prominent art collections and museums throughout the world.

Alfredo Romero, born in 1974 in Barcelona, Spain. He now lives and works in Mexico. Romero studied Fine Art, interior architecture, graphic design and Art History at the School of Arts Applications and Offices of Rubi, Barcelona, Spain; The School of Design EDRA, Barcelona, Spain and the Technical School of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain.

Alongside his art practice, early in his career Romero was commissioned architectural designs for clients such as Hermes and others. He also taught Interior Design, Visual Merchandising, and Art. He served as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Culture in Veracruz, Mexico.

Throughout the years, Romero has brought his art practice to higher levels. He is now an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist. Over the years, he has experimented with different techniques, mediums, processes and technologies. He is in a constant creative quest, without any limits or boundaries. Romero has a keen interest in translating traces of history in relation with the contemporary and the future. His artistic language is universal and linked to the human imprint in the Universe. He is a visionary in pushing his approach to creation and developing new techniques and art projects.

In the last few years, he has given part of his time to a project that he is passionate about, an archeological project to safekeep the culture of the streets of Mexico “Vestiges of Our Times”.

Alfredo Romero is a multidisciplinary artist that works with a wide variety of mediums, from paint, to found objects, strappo, gold leaf, wood, metal and stainless steel. Through his body of work, he has interlace the best of both worlds between architecture, design and art, as to what relates to both two-dimensions and three-dimensions. Romero is a creative, a creator of ideas, concepts and artistic visions. Within respect to the history and the contemporary, the way the artist gives life to objects, buildings, paintings, collages, and sculptures has its own singular signature.