Grupo Artitude

What began as a beautiful bridge between Asia and a flourishing Latin American Art scene has grown into a pillar of exceptional talent from international spheres.

An advocate for critical contemporary discourse, as well as a vibrant idea exchange, Grupo Artitude is home to innovative, pioneering exhibitions across a variety of media and genres.


Duende is the power of art to deeply move one’s soul.

At Artitude we are telling a story in the language we are most fluent: the language of visual arts, a vernacular not of words but of images that dazzle, perplex and represent a kaleidoscope, of not just a visual experience, but of a unique time and situation that the artist is trying to convey.
Holly Victoria Turner-Thakran


Artitude Luxe is our exclusive offering that features some of the most sought-after artists globally.

We’ve partnered with a select few of the world’s most acclaimed galleries to bring the artists’ work to Singapore, fostering a broader, borderless dialogue.

Small in number, big in impact, it’s a welcome recipe for the rapidly growing audience for contemporary art in Southeast Asia.

Test Drive

Wouldn’t it be great if you could preview your art at home before ever hanging a painting?

Our Test Drive app is a game-changer that eliminates guesswork and gives you a precise viewing of the artwork on your walls. Its augmented reality (AR) mode enables you to view the art in real time via your mobile phone. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android.

Art allows you to watch the sunset with your demons.

- Misan Harriman