Braxton Fuller

“Where We’ve Been is inspired by me but made for the viewer.”  

Braxton Fuller, a self-taught contemporary artist from Kansas City (USA). Having Practised with a variety of different mediums and techniques, ranging from acrylic, aerosol, pastels, concrete, resin and mirrors. He views the world as his canvas and takes inspiration from all aspects of life, human interaction and the art of communication. Fuller started his career as a gifted writer. Storytelling is a part of humanity and a tool Fuller decided to explore by mixing and applying paint to a canvas. 

As a starting point, Fuller explored the concept of using symbols and text art combining these into a conceptual art concept. His work has since transformed into his own style. Using his own pictorial language he combines his unique visual language with unique colour washes, to aim and persuade the viewer to feel as if they understand without needing an explanation. “They don’t know what’s going on, but they know it’s important” Our lives are bigger than ourselves and his techniques aim to remind the viewer of that. He strives to show the progression of language and how people can connect with it.

His most recent exhibition, “Where We’ve Been” tells the story of emotions and experiences Fuller has had throughout his life. The show is basically a walkthrough of events and emotions he has experienced throughout his journey. Using a unique colour palette and a distinct dictionary of spiritual cursive symbols, he connects the viewers to his inner feelings, life lessons and experiences, in a sense giving the viewer a window to his subconscious. He uses the canvas as a way to connect with others. We all experience joy, pain, loss, sacrifices, love, tragedy, stress, etc. His works of art are designed to hit different emotions depending on what the viewer is going through in their life at that particular moment. His work sets the tone for people to engage and connect with his work. Fuller goes onto emphasize that there is a way through the bad times. We can get past what we are going through. His work is full of encrypted messages and symbols made for the viewer to not fully understand, but to know that there is a context and story behind each of his artworks, which everyone can connect with through their own personal experiences and emotions.