Danilo Cuadros

The sculptures in turn reflect the world we live in, the human emotions we encounter along our journey: loneliness and self-reflection being the most salient statements.

Danilo, born in Medellin, Colombia studied fine arts at the universidad Nacional de Colombia (The National university of Colombia), 2009. After gaining his degree in fine arts, he further refined his artistic techniques by participating in a series of multi disciplinary courses within Cuba, USA and his native Colombia.

The main principles pertaining to Danilo’s work are: human existence (being the principle concept), isolation, society and the masses that makeup communities and urban existence. His work continues to explore the complex cartography, traits and characteristics that permeate us as individual beings, but at the same time, our continuous endeavor as human beings to seamlessly Integrate into society, adhere to social norms and feel part of a community, something bigger than our individual selves.

His pulchritudinous sculptures, are a beautiful metaphor of what it is to be a human in a fast passed urban metropolis and a strong symbolic representation of human interaction. It explores the gallery concept of how, even amongst others, we can feel isolated and lonely. His figures are left undefined, as not to personalize but to maintain generalization. His figures do not represent a human being in themselves, as they function as a metaphorical construct of the identity of what our body emulates, since our bodies are empty shells. Danilo conveys the message that the human body is an outer framework, in a sense the physical exterior, that encapsulates our soul, the spiritual and immaterial essence of who we really are.

A secondary focal point for Danilo’s work is water. The fluid representation of water is conveyed through both its physical and conceptual elements. The peaceful vibrations of a flowing river can produce immense feelings of balanced harmony, calmness, and mental tranquility. The elegant fluidity and movement is inspiring and captivating yet at the same time it can be strong and unpredictable and in some cases destructive and lethal. The elements Danilo captures and portrays in his symbology of water are comparable to the human race.