Diego Romero

His works of art emerge from the idea of generating a different proposal of art that can surprise , entice and delight.

Diego Romero is a designer from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco, graduated in 2010. During his academic formation, he acquired a very special taste for the graphic arts. Since he was a child, he practiced different techniques such as watercolour and charcoal. In 2011 he created a project called “E piú D Diseño”; now “220 Gramos” in collaboration with Estefanía Ortiz de Elguea Leiva, brand that develops and exploits the benefits that paper can give when generating functional objects. During this project, 2016, established. He is a elf-taught artist, researching and reinventing the technique of quilling and paper art with a special and unique personal touch.

The detail in his work uses strips of paper (1cm high) with colours that highlight the work in a unique and stimulating way. His artworks are centred around figurative images. He embraces his Mexican culture by representing the beautiful forms, colours, traditions and characters so prominent in Mexican culture. He strives to appreciate and pay homage to the great international artists who have left their mark on the art world. He creates medium and large sized formats to be able to capture the clarity and meticulously crafted detail of the art work. He adorns his beautiful works with a delicate touch of spray paint, that creates an extra layer, depth and mystery to his artworks.