Diogo Lando

It’s human awareness and universal truths that I strive for.

The Portuguese-based and working visual artist Diogo Landô studied art and communication, as well as design and communication, at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP). Before devoting himself exclusively to his vocation as a freelance artist, he participated as a designer, art director and photographer in various creative projects, which, in addition to his studies, helped shape the orientation of his artistic activity.

As an artist, he has developed a very individual and memorable style in a relatively short period of time, which has already earned him international recognition in worldwide exhibition participations. He mainly creates his works with digital tools, combining photography, photo manipulation, collage and analogue, as well as digital painting. Consequently, several image planes are created, initially independent of each other, which Landô arranges, overlapping them, and formulates it into an overall picture in a partly intuitive, partly planned process.

In this way, he creates expressive works in numerous work steps, which, due to the visible multidimensionality, point to different levels of interpretation. The works, which are predominantly figurative, combine clear pop art elements with the dreamlike visual language of surrealism, which results in a contemporary and profound aesthetic.

He usually publishes his contemporary digital art, which he himself classifies as digital mixed media or digital visual arts, in individual works, less often in limited editions, with direct printing on aludibond or acrylic plates. In the latter image carrier, his works often find a special feature: he usually combines images on acrylic plates with a special light box, which makes the artwork visible even in dark environments and allows a further perspective of the viewer.