Jeisen Sierrra

Several of his work has been published in the Goodyear Latin American Art (2015) collections and Suramericana (Medellín). Colombia, Germany, USA and Singapore hold his private collections.

Jeison Sierra, a young artist who was born in Zaragoz, Colombia in 1986. He graduated from the University of Antioquia with a bachelor in fine arts. He further continued his education at the Institude of Fine Arts and Débora Arango School of Arts.

Growing up living near mine cavities and rivers during his childhood in Zaragoz, he was inspired by landscapes. He believes that the bridge between the human and divine are the connecting channel for both the earthy life and underworld.

The personal experience of leaving his hometown in Zaragoza was the start of his career. His exodus constitutes the turning point in his vital experience, where emotional charge of uprooting and loneliness became his triggers. His work indicates the misery and ruin of men which shares the same origin as the mines and river from his childhood.

The paradox between the superior and the inferior leads the way for his work where he focuses on retaining the nutrients and discarding the gold nuggets. He occasionally uses gold to unite the human race as it’s brightness is as fascinating as people themselves.