Juan Camilo Celis

His massive, colourful portraits are tantalising to look at. Even more wonderful his unfailing ability to interpret light, shadow, hue and tone by applying brilliant colours and daring strokes.

Camilo Celis is a Medellín based painter, born in 1995. Celis’ extraordinary technique is built on transcriptions of common sights, sounds and sensations along with popular music, dreams textures and most of all, colours. As such, Celis’ work falls into figurative expressionism, further dened as “ludicromia”, where movements and sensations are clustered together, creating an unstoppable splurge of vivid colours.

His unique style of dripping paint onto the canvas creates thick multidimensional layers and a luminous finish. Every painting has a distinct rhythm and identity that combines intricate delicacy with bold movement. The kaleidoscope of bold cascading colours entwined with vibrant yet contrasting brushstrokes results in a captivating image for the viewer – who cannot help but be caught in the emotions provoked by the various iconic figures and portraits.

Very few artists are able to capture a “moment in time” or the essence of true icons like Celis. His dynamic energy and enthusiasm has enabled him to create positive emotions through his paintings. Energetic in his pursuit for perfection and relentless endeavour to implement new techniques has generated international recognition for Celis and he is creating quite a stir in the art world.