Juan Fernando Foronda

Foronda hones into his unique painting technique by using each square as a fragment, each individual fragment acts as a painting within the main painting.

Juan Fernando Foronda is an extraordinary artist, from Medellín, Colombia, who has perfected the mirror neutron painting technique with true pizazz. At age 48 he has accomplished both national and international prestige by participating in over 23 group exhibitions and 16 solo exhibitions. In 2009 he was sponsored by Maecenas Manuel Piernas Rios to showcase his work and promote young Colombian artists in Spain and Europe. He was so well received that he remained in Spain for 7 years. During this time he created more than 100 large format murals, both exhibited within Spain and internationally, among them an outstanding mural exhibited in the Library of Humberto Saldarriaga Carmona, the leading School of Communications and Technology in the State Department of Antioquia, Colombia. Further large-scale works were commissioned by the Literary Casino of Lorca, Spain. Other notable collectors of Foronda’s work include, the Inventor and Entrepreneur, Juan Jodar (Spain); Businessman and avid Art Collector, Enrique Ruiz; international Art Collector, Juan Jimenez; and, José Luis Martínez de Miguel (Spain) has 37 large-scale works by Foronda.

During his time in Europe, Foronda established Encuentros en la Frontera Corporation, in Lorca, Spain; a phenomenal achievement. With 47 International Artists, Foronda is a Founder and Member of the Board of Directors. Created as an international platform, it has paved the way for young talented artists to participate in art fairs, such as Espirelia, and set up a hugely successful group exhibition, charity auctions and events, which not only gave young artists a platform to promote their work but actively engage in philanthropy and donating to a wide variety of charities.

In 2009 he returned to his hometown, Medellín, Colombia, to carry on the legacy he started in Spain, working with young Colombian talent to develop them into global recognition. Foronda’s style is a specialised technique, known as the Mirror Neutron style. This style of painting involves feeling, thinking and seeing the world through the technique known as “Mirror Neurones.” Discovered by the Italian Giacomo Rizzolatti, the technique is deÿned as an expression or application of human creative skills and intense imagination, producing works that are primarily appreciated for their aesthetic value and the emotion they induce in the viewer. The result of research done by Foronda to create the desired stimulation, where the visual information is transformed into a motor pattern within the brain. This particular style of visual art is scientific and involves a tremendous amount of clinical study and scientiÿc understanding. Foronda hones into his unique painting technique by using each square as a fragment, each individual fragment acts as a painting within the main painting; he gives a cinematic explanation to describe the individual fragments as a “frame of a film, in which each one expresses a different emotion or expression and together as a great orchestra creates synchronicity.”

He attributes his intensely emotional creations and the emotional response from the viewer, with some being touched so powerfully that they were drawn to tears, as the reason behind his global recognition and success. His new series is a beautiful collection inspired by Singapore and is called “Inside the Mirror,” which consists of the mirror-like reflex that these neurons have afterward.