Juan Ricardo Meija

My sculptures furnish valuable elements of minimalist connotation. On the emphasis of securing a compositional balance, we find the limits of the pictorial language and the architectonic design.

Born in Colombia in 1965. Juan Mejia studied architecture between 1983 and 1988 and graduated from the UPB in his hometown of Medellin. His career thrives on countless trips and influences. The Colombian artist has studied in places like Vienna in Austria, notilbly studying both museology and architecture in Rotterdam. In addition to their international cultural background, Juan Ricardo’s works share a close relationship with architecture, his career, which deepens their relationship with forms, geometry and the city.

Juan Mejía’s work occupies an interesting terrain between intention and form. Always starkly minimal, but notably absent of the coldness that typifies the genre to some, Mejía’s pieces reflect his training as an architect in their playful approach to form and space.