Juan Vasco Sierra

Vasco Sierra believes that the mood and feeling within the painting is of the utmost importance- more so than the composition.

Juan Vasco, based in Medellín, Colombia, is one of the most successful Colombian artists to create a body of work soley dedicated to the revolutionaty art movement, known as cubism, a multiplicity of techniques interwoven into a single artwork.

From an early age Vasco Sierra dedicated his spare time to observing, researching and enhancing his techniques into a mature, sophisticated style. His vigor and endless pursuit to experiment and refine his style has made him one of the most successful and creative artists from Colombia.

After graduating from the Fine Arts Institute, Medellín, he began to experiment in abstract expressionism followed by figurative art. After years of dabbling between the two styles he began to focus his attention on figurative cubism, where he pushed the boundaries and gave the classic geometric cubism style a smooth almost soothing feel.

The female figures in Vasco’s work show strong yet effeminate characteristics. They have clearly defined features that allow viewers to identify their identities yet these figures contain an aire of mystery. They are enigmas, both intriguing and fascinating. Furthermore, they give a cool contemporary twist to Picasso’s timeless style.

The arrangement of the smooth circular shapes that interplay beautifully with the stark contrast of bold geometric blocks of colours creates an image that is modern, sassy and at the same time cool, and contemporary. Vasco Sierra belies that the mood and feeling within the painting is of the utmost importance- more so than the composition. The mood and ambience dictate the colour tone.

Vasco celebrates the beauty and soft curves of the women from his childhood memories and the women he has daily interaction with. The bold red lips signify strong sexuality and attraction. The soft curves of the ladies facial features and silhouette, along with the portrayal butterflies gives a softer edge to the painting. Vasco is embracing the ladies femininity alongside with their sexuality. They are not shown to be over sexualized but they are depicted elongated and graceful- a sign that the artist truly respects and admires his subjects.


2018:  Group exhibition:  Group Exposition Of Colombian Art, Medellín

2018:  NATURE CONVERGENCES) (Collective) City Hall- EPM Library

2018: VIARTE FAIR. Unique Art Gallery. Medellín

2017 – INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR ARTMED. Plaza Mayor Medellín.


2017Latin american Art Pavilion. MIAMI

2017:  – MEMORIES AND CHALLENGES OF ART CONTEMPORARY LATIN AMERICAN. Magnetic Pompano Art gallery. (USA) (Collective)

 2017; – INCIDENCES. Colombian Art Gallery, (Isolo exhibition) Medellin


2016 – ART BASEL 2016 WEEK Latin American Art Pavilion. MIAMI

2016:  – ART MEDELLÍN. Art Fair Main Square. Medellin

2015 -ITINERANCE FOR PEACE. Gallery the staircase. Bogotá


2014 -ART MEDELLÍN. Main Square. Medellin

2013 -EN FRACTIONS: Gallery GEA. Bogotá (Solo Exhibition)