Nataly Rodriguez Martinez

Nataly is a contemporary artist whom takes inspiration from street and pop art juxtaposing it with elements of Magic Realism.

Nataly Rodriguez Martinez, a contemporary artist who fully captures the viewers attention with bold, vibrant colours, intertwined with a twist of ironic yet humorous images and a dash of Colombian “Magic Realism.”

Born in 1993, in Armenia, West Colombia. At the age of two-years-old Nataly moved to Medellin with her family. At a young age she began to show interest in drawings and easily grasped the concept of how colours work symbiotically.

At the age of eighteen, she entered the Fine Arts School of Antioquia, where she completed the highly acclaimed course in Fine Arts. It is here, where she really understood and accelerated her growth. She impressed her tutors with her bold renditions of swirling colour and magnetic strength.

In 2016, Nataly began taking private tutorials from one of Colombia’s most successful artists, Walter Zuluaga. They teamed up together towork on collective exhibitions that spawned their love affair. The couple live together and their work is an icon in the Medellin art scene, as well as leading restaurants, hotels and galleries.

Nataly has a very distinct style. Her technique is acrylic on canvas. Her work is lively, confident and fearless. By transforming cute animals or childhood images with her inimitable style, she blurs the lines between new media, pop-art and digital art. The results are a stunning collage of cutting-edge, vibrant images encapsulated by an urban street style.

Nataly’s new collection focuses on the instantly recognisable giant panda, native to South Central China. The giant Panda has become synonymous with Chinese culture and Asian sensibilities. Nataly’s colourful creations are a feast for the eye. Her hypnotic use of bold contrasting colours instantly draw in the viewer to a work of magic realism, where the impossible becomes the mundane.