Nector Mejia

Néctor’s work aims to provoke reflection on the surrounding world and common experiences. Several themes are constants through in his work, such as memory, absence, and self-awareness.

Nector Mejia, born 1977, lives and works in Colombia.

Nector has pursued university studies in fine arts and art education. His work encompasses drawing, sculpture, and painting, with pieces showcased at numerous festivals, fairs, and exhibitions in various countries. An autobiographical element is at the core of his work, stemming from an investigative process that begins with the study of everyday experiences in his life.

His work is a collage of experiences, dreams, and memories. The paintings, drawings, and objects are a fusion of surrealistic art and metaphysical painting. The spaces, places, and scenes are not strictly representations of reality but rather a collection of memories, dreams, and experiences rendered as images, laden with metaphors, analogies, and ambiguities.