Samir Quintero

Samir Quintero is ranked among the Top 100,000 globally. Quintero’s best rank was in 2020, the artist’s rank has improved over the last 3 years, with the most dramatic change in 2019.  

Samir style is quite geometric. Geometric prints are taking over the design and art world. Its loaded with triangles, rich tones. These punchy prints in vibrant colours transform walls from the backdrop of a  room to an eye-catching, mesmerizing focal point. Gives us a chance to playfully play with arts. They let us incorporate bold colours and embrace asymmetry. His vibrant palette and expressive brushwork provide viewer with a sense of hope rather than despair. He sought to convey profound spirituality and the depth of human emotion through a universal visual language of forms and colours that transcended cultural and physical boundaries.

Quintero’s work is a kaleidoscope of bold contrasting colours and geometric shapes. He talks in language of colours and contrast which in turn emulate into intriguing concepts and vivid emotions. His work of cascading colours come alive and are heightened against black and white background strikes as a contrast and balance. His work allude to the moments of reflection and tranquillity necessary to achieve balance in everyday life. It gives his work a fresh contemporary and urban feel. The contrast is effortlessly stroked and gives the work dynamic layer.

Samir Quintero’s first exhibition was Juntos Aparte at Juntos Aparte – Bienal Sur in Cucuta in 2017, and the most recent exhibition was Juntos Aparte 2019 at Juntos Aparte – Bienal Sur in Cucuta in 2019. Samir Quintero is mostly exhibited in Colombia,but also had exhibitions in Argentina. Quintero has also been in no art fairs but in 3 biennials. The most important show was BienalSur 2019 at Bienalsur in Buenos Aires in 2019. Another important show was at Juntos Aparte – Bienal Sur in Cucuta. Samir Quintero has been exhibited with Marcelo Brodsky and Antonio Caro.