Tunku Khalsom

My work is themed around contrast and change. I look to create something that’s both beautiful and ‘ugly’ using bold contrasting colours, shimmers and hues alongside rough, cracked, abrasive textures.

Tunku Khalsom is an international artist of British and Malaysian descent, based in Singapore for 13 years. An Interior Architecture graduate (2006) Khalsom has a background in design but has been painting all her life, and in recent years has been firmly focused on her dynamic art.

Inspired by the concept of ‘Life, Love, Change’ Khalsom’s work is all about beautiful fluidity and stunning colour. She uses bold brushstrokes, soft merging colours and butterflies to make her pieces come to life. The butterfly, the universal symbol of metamorphosis, grace and beauty, emerge in abundance over scenes simultaneously chaotic and calm, a true representation of her ideals.

2021 was a particularly positive year for the artist, having her first solo show at ARTitude Galeria in Singapore. She has also been featured in several online publications on her achievements. Her 2nd solo show, in conjunction with Dale Chihuly’s : Glass in Bloom exhibition at Gardens by the Bay Singapore, saw thousands of visitors visit the space. In the past few years Khalsom has exhibited her work at countless fairs and exhibitions throughout Asia. She is represented by ARTitude Galeria (SG), Addicted Art Gallery (SG), All About Art Gallery (SG), Studio ID (Taipei) La Galerie du Monde (K.L), and her work is in the homes of private collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Greece, USA, and Australia.